First Timer Rider Shares First Time Riding a Horse

Let me know tell those that have never rode a horse that it’s a great experience. I recently rode my first horse this past summer and I couldn’t believe it took me so long to take the plunge. It’s kind of scary at first because you aren’t sure if the horse will like you or if the horse will buck you off, but the main thing is to be calm and not make any sudden movements. They’re very gentle creatures and will warm up to you once they get to know you.

The horse I rode was a beautiful Arabian. She had glowing brown skin and a long black mane. Very tame and athletic. She was shy at first, but when I mounted her and rode her slowly around the pen she became comfortable with me and then it was like we were old friends. She reacted quickly to my small squeeze of my heels and started walking faster. Soon we were galloping around the pen and she could sense where I wanted her to go. We were now ready for the trail and for me to find out how well I could ride a horse on uneven terrain.

We rode the Katy Trail State Park. This was a very scenic trail with lots of streams to cross and hills to climb. There were about ten of us riding horses. Our group ranged from seasoned veterans to a couple of novices like me. We all kept up with each other and rode for about two hours before stopping to water the horses. The weather was a little hot so we gave the horses extra time to rest and get hydrated. Afterwards, we continued riding through the timber and saw some beautiful scenery.

The trick to riding long distances is to keep your horse hydrated. Stop at least every four hours and rest for at least 20 minutes. Your horse will thank you. Give them some hay as well to keep up their energy. Inspect them to make sure they didn’t snag their body or legs on any stickers or branches and make sure they don’t have any scratches or cuts that need to be repaired.

Your riders saddlery is very important. Make sure it fits you nicely because after miles of riding you can get some chafing and no one wants that. I would also recommend wearing yoga pants because they fit great and won’t become uncomfortable.

After the trail we rode the horses back to the stable. They were exhausted so we gave them some more water and hay. Even an apple and carrot for a treat. I can’t wait to try another trail and I’ve really become a horse lover. I’m even thinking about getting my own soon. Once I get a place to keep her I’m going to buy one.

Tell me about one of your favorite riding trails because I’d love to explore some more. I enjoy reading about other people’s experiences and things they do to have an enjoyable experience. Hiking is a great way to be outdoors and be with these lovely animals.

Horseback Riding by the Moonlight

Horseback riding is not only fun, and enjoyable, but also allows you to see so many beautiful horses.  We are beginners so we were excited to begin.

The horseback ride we did was an hour and a half ride.  It’s the moonlit horseback rides where we actually go set off as the sun is setting, and then on the rest of the ride, we were guided by moonlight.

I love horses and also interestingly, I have been doing my immunotherapy in horses. Those are my major allergy problem, here. Let’s see exactly how it works out.

Yeah, we had a great time. Because the temperature was a little warm, we were not going to go out too soon. However, once the sun went down– we were off.

The desert does get very very cool.  Prior to this horseback riding trip, it had been a little over a year. So glad to get back on the saddle!