Details on New Hope Hill

One Horse GapWelcome to New Hope Hill!  New Hope Hill offers a dining and dance hall, showers, and electricity. Paneled horse pens are available at $20/pen for the week.

Horse pens are required, yours or ours. Week long ride fee includes camping Saturday through Friday night. You may arrive as early as Thursday before the ride date.  (Early camp fee applies.).

Riding will cloverleaf with a permanent camp. Available options will include fast or slow rides for all day or half day, beginning Sunday after lunch through Friday. A few of the picturesque areas require all day rides and are inaccessible by vehicle. While the trails are safe for the experienced rider and their mount, the variety of events will be challenging and entertaining. Travel ways will be left to each riders discretion.Hot and tasty meals will be served Sunday noon through Saturday breakfast . Bring saddlebags and canteens so you canpack our prepared meal and enjoy a secluded lunch on the trail.Extra meals for purchase are available Saturday supper and Sunday breakfast before the start of the ride.

Entertainment consists of live music, barn dancepickin’ and grinnin’ around the campfire, bingo with great ‘horsey’ prizes.

Reservations Weeklong ride fee, $300/Adult.(limited # available.)  Youth 12 years and under $200, 4 years and under–free.  Advanced reservations are required. Deposit $50 per person.

Horsepen reservation ($20/pen) due with ride deposit.Balance due upon arrival, Reservation fee refundable until 1 month prior to the start of ride. Limit 125 guests.  Current Calendar (2017) Year.

Coggins Required Private Rides Contact us for Details!

Entry Permit The State of Illinois is requires an “Entry Permit” for out of state equine. For a copy of the Illinois Transportation and Ownership Transfer Regulations pamphlet, contact the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois, P. O. Box 1605, Springfield,IL 62705. Phone (217) 585-1600. Fax (217) 585-1601.