The Trails and Landmarks

One Horse on HorseSpend an unforgettable week riding along side spectacular scenic outcroppings, rushing streams and clear lakes. See mother nature in all her glory! We’ll ride each day–Sunday afternoon through Friday.

The rides will clover leaf with a permanent camp. Available options include fast or slow rides for all day or half day. A few of the picturesque areas require all day rides and are inaccessible by vehicle.

Bring saddle bags and canteens so you can pack a meal and enjoy a secluded lunch on the trail.

While the trails are safe for the experienced rider and their mount, the variety of events will be challenging and entertaining.

Authorized under permit from the Shawnee National Forest Service since 2002 and complied with the terms and conditions of that permit. Buchanan Ltd. is a nondiscriminatory permittee of the Shawnee National Forest. The event has utilized trails within the Shawnee Forest for more than twenty years.

Trails Details

  • Cross high open meadows which provide visibility for miles.
  • Wind single file through the wooded areas.
  • Wade through or parallel flowing streams.
  • Follow well maintained fire trails.
  • Circle and climb high bluffs.
  • Travel down rock canyons.
  • Ford rocky creeks.


  • One Horse Gap
  • Look Out Point
  • Tombstone Territory
  • Grand Pierre Creek
  • Brooks Bluff
  • Rocky Top
  • War Bluff
  • Secret Canyon
  • Promise Land
  • Natural Bridge
  • Little Lusk

We hope to see you soon!